On 7th May 2016, a multicultural group of professionals from the trading and development sector met at one of many trendy cafes in the Zamzama shopping district of Karachi. They left having resolved to work together to streamline the commodities trading space.

One of the main challenges that the group ventured to solve was streamlining the quality control of commodity exports by improving communications in the entire supply-chain, thus raising standards in the products exported.

The primary locus of concern for this young team of entrepreneurs was and continues to be Africa. Commodity trading in this oft misunderstood part of the world presents a bevy of missed opportunities. The vast majority of exporters have, without business sense or sagacity, pursued quantity-centric strategies, not concerning themselves with product quality. Enter La Centrale, setting out to not only remedy this, but establish best practice.
The mistaken and out of touch belief that the African market is not receptive to high quality product and packaging is costing exporters sales volumes, and overall profit margins. It is also, of course, injurious to the end user.

Where other exporters have not succeeded, La Centrale Trading (Pvt) Ltd team’s pivotal advantage lies in capturing a market in a largely misunderstood region of the world – a region it understands, has roots in and enjoys logistical knowhow of. La Centrale, simply put, has the region-specific expertise and cultural intelligence to hold true on its promise of sourcing the world. Africa isn’t some antiquated ‘third’ world. It’s next. La Centrale is here to harness its latent, unrealized potential and enable our clientele to do the same. We are here to distill the fog of misinformation about the continent.

Our goal is to devise a long term strategy where standards for Pakistani exports to African countries are raised through improved packaging and the satisfaction of international standards.
There isn’t a sound reason for the African continent to remain a peripheral player in the commodities trading space. We believe the time has come for it to take center-stage. After all, we call ourselves La Centrale to signal our commitment to becoming a centre or hub of trading activity worldwide; whether that trade occurs between South Asia and the African continent, or amidst several of our other global outposts ranging from South America to South-East Asia, La Centrale aspires to go wherever the trade takes it.

That’s the dream. Let’s talk; let’s trade.

  • Mission of La Centrale


    To serve and source the African continent and satiate/satisfy/fulfill burgeoning demand for high quality product

  • Vision of La Centrale


    To source the world’s commodity needs and break through barriers in the trading domain.

  • Core Values of La Centrale

    Core Values

    Quality-centric :

    La Centrale operates on a zero-tolerance policy for low-grade, sub-standard quality products.


    To stand by our client’s side, every step of the trading trajectory.

    Optimised for a world with extant cultural and socio-economic difference.

    We work with variance. We move with it. We aspire to navigate the often complex cultural terrain of The 21st Century trading ecosystem on behalf of our cherished clientele.